Senate Democrats

Stabenow And Brown Call On Republicans To Stop Siding With Special Interests Over The Middle Class

Washington, DC—Senators Debbie Stabenow and Sherrod Brown held a conference call this afternoon to discuss how Republicans continue to protect big corporate special interests at the expense of American communities and small businesses.  Republicans have consistently protected special interests by apologizing to BP because Democrats are holding their feet to the fire, blocking Democrats from eliminating tax breaks for companies who outsource American jobs, and now they are attacking Solicitor General Kagan’s qualifications for the Supreme Court because she doesn’t side with big corporations over working Americans.  Democrats are on the side of working Americans and will continue to fight Republican obstruction of support for the middle class.
“Senate Republicans continue to stand up for special interests instead of supporting middle-class families across America,” said Stabenow. “From protecting big corporations that ship jobs overseas to big banks on Wall Street, they continue to say ‘no’ to unemployment benefits for families trying to put food on the table and jobs legislation that will support small businesses and help our economy recover. It’s time that Senate Republicans stop blocking vital legislation and playing with people’s livelihood in hopes of their own political benefits.”
“This week, Republicans chose to block a bill that would extend tax incentives for small businesses to create jobs, close tax loopholes that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas, and extend eligibility for critical unemployment insurance to Ohioans who have exhausted benefits,” said Brown. “I would like my colleagues who continue to block unemployment insurance to meet some unemployed Ohioans who are looking for work but can’t find it. Unemployment insurance isn’t welfare; it’s insurance that you pay into while you’re working. It’s critical for so many families, which is why we’re not giving up this fight."