Senate Democrats

Day One of Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

Yesterday was Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s first day before the full Senate Judiciary Committee. Each committee member delivered an opening statement commenting on the Supreme Court nominee’s background, as well as her potential impact on the Court should she be confirmed. “General Kagan is simply a terrific antidote to the lack of practical, real-world understanding of the court. She is brilliant, she is thoughtful, and I think she is straight out of central casting for this job“ said Sen. Chuck Schumer.

As Kagan’s confirmation hearing continues today, we will see 30 minute rounds of questioning from each Senator on questions about her tenure as Dean of Harvard Law School, her view of the Constitution and the impact of recent Court decisions on everyday Americans. Stay tuned to C-SPAN 3 for live TV coverage, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s live webcast if you’re at a computer and to the Democratic Caucus’ Elena Kagan YouTube channel for important video clips.