Senate Democrats

Reid Statement Following President Obama’s Immigration Speech

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to President Obama’s speech on the need for comprehensive immigration reform:
“President Obama’s speech today laid out the reasons why a comprehensive, bipartisan solution to our immigration challenges will protect our economic and national security.  I remain committed to passing a bill as soon as possible that secures our borders, crack downs on unscrupulous employers, and requires those here illegally to get right with the law and go to the back of the line.
“More than two months ago, Senate Democrats introduced a framework of ideas to fix our broken immigration system in a comprehensive way, and we extended an invitation to Republicans to work together on this important issue.  We know that if we fail to act at the federal level, states and localities will continue to pursue a piecemeal approach to immigration that will not work.  But instead of matching the leadership of Democrats to solve this problem and engaging in good faith negotiations, Republicans continue to engage in political grandstanding and polarizing rhetoric that encourages intolerance of our vibrant immigration population. 
“Those of us who have worked on this issue for years know that now is the time for action.  We can address immigration this year but it’s going to require an unwavering commitment from everyone involved: the White House and both parties in Congress.  Senate Democrats understand that we cannot afford to back down from this challenge because a comprehensive solution to immigration has the potential to make our nation stronger and safer.”