Senate Democrats

Reid: Nevadans Closer Than Ever To Critical Protections From Reckless Behavior On Wall Street

Washington, DC— Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this evening following announcements of support for Wall Street accountability legislation from Republican Senators Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Scott Brown:

“Nevada families are one step closer to being protected from the reckless behavior on Wall Street that cost America millions of jobs and pushed our economy to the brink of collapse. I commend Senators Snowe, Collins and Brown for standing up for middle-class families and supporting strong accountability for Wall Street banks. Despite the difficult political climate, these Republicans have joined Democrats to support these common-sense protections for consumers, investors and financial institutions that will help prevent another financial crisis.

“We will finish our work on this bill this week to ensure that these critical protections and accountability for Wall Street are in place as soon as possible.”