Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Republicans Killing Jobs To Save Their Own

Washington, DCJim Manley, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement today in reaction to a Republican press conference on jobs.  While Democrats are working to create jobs and strengthen the nation’s economy, Republicans are pushing a job-killing agenda to advance their political prospects:

“There’s only one kind of job Republicans care about saving or creating: their own.  To advance their political prospects, Republicans are pushing a job-killing agenda that America can’t afford: protecting tax breaks for CEOs who ship jobs overseas, while blocking tax cuts for small businesses and middle-class families.

“The fact is, after spending the years they were in charge putting special interests and big corporations ahead of the middle class, Republicans are experts at killing jobs. Now, they are putting that expertise to work by pushing the same job-killing agenda that tanked our economy in the first place, and betting on the fact that a weak economy will help their political prospects in November.

“America can’t afford this level of cynical political maneuvering. We need to work together to create jobs, but Democrats have run into nothing but a solid wall of Republican opposition at every turn, even for common-sense measures like providing a safety net for Americans while they look for work, cutting taxes for small businesses and closing loopholes for CEOs that ship jobs overseas.  I can only hope Republicans will stop protecting special interests, stop pushing their cynical, job-killing agenda and start working with Democrats on what is best for the American people.”