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Reid Statement On Carte Goodwin Appointment To Vacant West Virginia Senate Seat

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin announced he will appoint Carte Goodwin to serve as his state’s junior Senator, filling the seat vacated by the late Senator Robert Byrd, until a special election is held this November:
“Robert Byrd was a powerful and irreplaceable voice for West Virginians, a consummate Senator who never forgot where he came from or what his constituents needed.  Governor Manchin has set up a fair process for West Virginians to choose a permanent replacement for Senator Byrd in November and has appointed a worthy public servant, Carte Goodwin, to represent them in the Senate until that election.
“Senator-designee Goodwin has a strong record as an effective advocate for the people of West Virginia at the state and federal levels.  When we swear in Senator-designee Goodwin next Tuesday, we will continue to move forward on many important policies to help middle-class families, including creating jobs, extending unemployment insurance and strengthening small businesses.
“I look forward to serving with Carte Goodwin and I know that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will join me to welcome him to our Senate family.”