Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Standing The Way Of Justice For Black Farmers And Native American Trust Account Holders

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this evening after Republicans blocked approval of fair, legal settlements for African American farmers and Native American trust account holders for the fourth time in the last three months:
“I hoped that tonight the Senate could finally right a wrong that has been left unresolved for far too long.  But Republicans stood in the way.  For the fourth time in three months, Republicans blocked approval of the Pigford 2 and Cobell settlements for black farmers and Native American trust accounts respectively.
“As recent events have reminded us, the fact that justice and fairness were denied to black farmers for so many years continues to have ramifications today.  That’s why I have fought for so long to ensure that these groups, who were robbed of the resources and opportunities they rightly deserve, are made whole again.
“Republicans should be held accountable for standing in the way of justice for those affected.  Their obstruction has not only hurt our economic recovery and our growth as a nation, it is now preventing individuals and families who suffered discrimination for decades from receiving a long-overdue resolution to their grievances.”