Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Republicans Set To Vote For Corporate Takeover Yet Again

Washington, DCJim Manley, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement this afternoon in advance of a key vote on the DISCLOSE Act:
“If Republicans vote for a corporate takeover of our elections, it’ll make today a sad day for democracy – but it would also be completely consistent with their record of protecting big corporate interests at every turn.
“First Republicans apologized to BP, now they want to let BP spend millions to influence our elections without disclosing one cent. First Republicans met with Wall Street executives behind closed doors and tried to protect big banks from accountability, now they want to let Wall Street plot with candidates in secret and spend millions to elect cronies who will carry their water. First Republicans tried to let big health insurance companies keep denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, now they want to let health insurance companies spend millions to take out candidates who oppose their narrow interests.
“Republicans face a choice: stand with Democrats, stand up to corporate interests and vote for transparency in our elections; or vote yet again to put corporate interests over the American people. It’s not too late for Republicans to do the right thing for the American people. But given their record, I am not holding my breath.”