Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman Responds To Republican BP Bailout Bill

Washington, DCJim Manley, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement this afternoon responding to Republican energy proposals.
“Republicans want taxpayers to foot the bill for BP’s disaster and allow BP to use endless legal battles to run out the clock on those whose livelihoods they destroyed – just like Exxon did to victims of the Valdez spill.
“Republicans should come to their senses and remember that they represent the American people, not BP. Our responsibility is to make sure the Americans affected by this disaster are made whole – not to protect BP’s profits.
“You would have to be incredibly out of touch to think we should bail out BP for the disaster they caused in the Gulf, yet that is exactly what Senate Republicans are proposing. Besides the fact that the Republican plan does nothing to create jobs, their proposal would essentially trust BP to pay back the millions of Americans whose livelihoods they’ve ruined.
“This defies common sense. These hard-working people just had the rug pulled out from under them, and Democrats believe they should not be forced to fight BP’s army of corporate lawyers for years to come just to get the compensation they deserve.”