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Reid: Democrats As Committed As Ever To Strengthening And Protecting Medicare And Medicaid

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this afternoon to mark the 45th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid this week.  For more on Democrats’ record of strengthening and protecting Medicare and Medicaid, see HERE for a fact sheet released by the Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) earlier today:
“Thousands of Nevada families and seniors rely on Medicare and Medicaid to help them receive the quality, affordable health care they need.  This week, these programs turn 45 years old. Throughout those 45 years, Democrats have fought to strengthen and protect these programs on behalf of the millions of people they serve.  I firmly believe that these programs have saved lives and saved money for people in Nevada and across the nation.
“Democrats’ commitment to Medicare and Medicaid is as strong now as it was the day these programs were enacted.  Just this year, we led passage of new health care laws that extended the solvency of Medicare, ensuring that it continues to serve millions of American seniors for years to come.  Those new laws will also close the Medicare Part D ‘donut hole’ to make prescription drugs more affordable.  And we expanded access to Medicaid so that vulnerable populations, who often lack access to quality care, can receive the life-saving treatments that they need.   
“Unfortunately, Republicans have tried to dismantle both Medicare and Medicaid at every turn.  If Republicans had their way, these programs that millions of families and seniors depend on would have been raided years ago.  But as we mark this important milestone, Democrats remain as committed as ever to protecting and strengthening these programs.”