Senate Democrats

MEMO: How Many Jobs Can Republicans Kill This Week?

To: Interested Parties
From: Senate Democratic Communications Center
Date: August 2, 2010
Re: How Many Jobs Can Republicans Kill This Week?
…and how many excuses will they make while doing it?
Republicans have spent this entire Congress trying to kill every piece of job-creating or saving legislation that Democrats have managed to pass, such as the HIRE Act (5.6 million new hires eligible for tax credits), the Recovery Act (3 million jobs saved or created) and health reform (at least 250,000 jobs created over the next ten years).
Now, Republicans are looking to head into August with a foursome of job-killing obstruction by trying to kill:
·        State aid which would save thousands police officers and firefighters from getting laid off
·        A teachers jobs measure which would help states retain 130,000 K-12 teachers
·        An energy bill that would create up to 700,000 jobs
·        A small business bill which would help small business owners create 500,000 jobs
And all this comes on the heels of Republicans’ tenacious defense of the reckless Wall Street executives whose irresponsible gambling led us into the financial crisis that cost 8 million Americans their jobs.
When the Republican agenda seems to be to kill as many jobs as possible as we continue to work our way out of the worst economic crisis in half a century, and to defend CEOs and their corporate interests at every turn, it truly makes you wonder whose side they’re on.
And is there any doubt Republicans will roll out a raft of implausible excuses to explain their obstruction?
On small business, one of their own caucus members, Sen. George LeMieux, declared that the bill “should have 70, 80 or more votes in this chamber.” Nearly every idea included in the bill is a bipartisan idea. Senate Democrats have made several additional changes at the request of Senate Republicans, yet Republicans have blocked it at every turn, refusing to take yes for an answer.
On preventing the layoffs of teachers, firefighters and policemen, their old excuse was they didn’t like the way it was paid for. We changed the pay-for. So what will their new excuse be?
Republicans have also objected to debating a comprehensive energy bill so Senate Democrats have introduced a much needed bill with bipartisan measures to create jobs, reduce our dependence on oil and hold BP accountable.  How will they shirk responsibility on this one?
Only time will tell, but it should be interesting to watch our Republican colleagues explain how trying to kill over one million jobs in one week is a good thing.