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Boxer Joins Governors Rendell And Ritter To Discuss How Republican Obstruction Could Lead To Massive Layoffs For Teachers And First Responders

Washington, DC—Senator Barbara Boxer joined Governors Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania and Bill Ritter of Colorado on a conference call this afternoon to discuss Democrats’ efforts to extend emergency funding to help save the jobs of tens of thousands of teachers and first responders across the nation.  Many states are struggling with budget challenges, and they depend on this funding to pay for critical health services and to support teachers, police officers and firefighters.  But if Republicans have their way, up to 140,000 teachers and tens of thousands more first responders could be laid off this fall. These are the same Republicans who are defending tax breaks for CEOs who ship jobs overseas, and pushing for more Bush tax breaks for CEOs.
“This legislation will save and create jobs while helping California and other states protect critical services – such as health care for our families, public safety programs and a quality education for our children,” Senator Boxer said. “This bill is also paid for, so it would not add a penny to the federal deficit.”
“If this bill fails tomorrow, it will mean massive layoffs the first or second week of September for us here in Pennsylvania,” said Governor Rendell.  “This is particularly tragic for Pennsylvania because over the past few months we have gained jobs and seen economic momentum with people landing good, family-sustaining jobs.  No more politics, let’s pass this.”
“I urge Congress to pass this bill because it is critical to states like Colorado who depend on every possible source of funding to help us maintain our vital services to our children and our most vulnerable citizens,” said Governor Ritter.  “We have done our part to balance our budgets in a responsible, careful way. We need Congress and the federal government to do their part and to be strong partners on our road to recovery.”