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MEMO: Questions That Should Be Answered at Today’s Republican Leadership Press Conference

Our first question is, are Republicans really so devoid of new ideas that they’ve resorted to stealing our message? See our materials on the Republican Job-Killing Agenda here, here and here.

But proprietary concerns aside, the more important distinction between Republicans’ message and ours is that ours has the virtue of being true.

The basic, indisputable fact is that Democrats have passed legislation to save or create millions of jobs, while Republicans have voted en bloc to block each bill, every single time. 

In the past few hours, Republicans voted to fire 290,000 teachers, firefighters and police officers. In the past 24 hours, Republicans blocked a bill that would create up to 700,000 clean energy jobs. In the past week, Republicans blocked a bill that would help small business owners create 500,000 new jobs. In the past year, Republicans have voted overwhelmingly against a bill that has provided tax credits to business owners for 5.6 million new hires, surface transportation programs that have created 316,000 new jobs, and the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes act that will create over one million new jobs.

There is one thing we’ll give Republicans credit for: the fact that they are choosing, of their own volition, to stand in front of a room full of reporters and defend this record shows some serious chutzpah.

Given that decision, here are a few questions we thought would be worth asking at today’s 2 pm press conference in the LBJ room.

1. How is it even remotely credible for Republicans to talk about creating jobs mere hours after they voted to fire 290,000 teachers, firefighters and police officers, even though the bill is fully paid for, actually reduces the deficit and saves taxpayers money and less than a week after they blocked legislation that would help small business owners create 500,000 jobs, according to an estimate by the Independent Community Bankers of America?

2. Given the overwhelming evidence showing that tax cuts for CEOs and the wealthiest Americans do not create jobs, why do Republicans think this time will be any different? The evidence overwhelmingly shows that the Bush tax cuts did not create jobs in any meaningful sense. One study shows that each job created by the Bush cost upwards of $800,000. That’s five jobs for every $4 million. 

3. In this entire Congress, can Republicans point to a single piece of job-creating legislation that they have passed or introduced, or that more than a handful of their caucus members has voted for?

Here are more details on the Republican Job-Killing Agenda, including a new video highlighting their record.

The G.O.P. Job-Killing Agenda


Title Positive Jobs Impact GOP ‘No’ Votes Date
Preventing Layoffs of Teachers and First Responders (FMAP) 290,000 93% 8/4/2010
Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act 5,600,000 68% 3/17/2010
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 3,000,000 93% 2/13/2009
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 250,000 100% 12/24/2009
Travel Promotion Act 40,000 43% 9/9/2009
Cash for Clunkers 60,000 83% 8/6/2009
Unemployment Insurance Extension 785,000 93% 7/21/2010
Small Business Jobs and Credit Act 500,000 100% 7/29/2010
American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act 1,000,000 98% 6/16/2010