Senate Democrats

Reid: Fully Paid-For Legislation To Prevent Mass Layoffs Of Teachers And First Responders Also Reduces The Deficit

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this evening after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed that the amendment offered by Democrats to prevent mass layoffs of teachers and first responders will also reduce the budget deficit by $1.4 billion over the next decade:
“The CBO has concluded that our amendment to save 140,000 teachers’ jobs and tens of thousands of first responders’ jobs does more than just keep these selfless Americans from being laid off: it also will reduce the budget deficit by $1.4 billion over the next decade.  Our plan to keep teachers in the classroom, police officers on the beat and firefighters on call is not only fully paid-for, but it also saves taxpayers money.
“This amendment meets every test Republicans claim to be concerned about.  They have no more excuses, and tomorrow, they will have a choice: lay off teachers weeks before the new school year starts and fire the first responders who keep us safe, or help these workers keep their jobs and help our economy recover.”