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The Republican Job-Killing Agenda Rolls On As Republicans Vote To Lay Off 290K Teachers, Firefighters and Police Officers

The G.O.P. Job-Killing AgendaWith Republicans having just voted to fire 290,000 teachers, firefighters and police officers right before skipping town, we thought it was worth taking a look at all of the job-creating legislation that Republicans have voted against this Congress. As you can see, turning their backs on our children’s teachers and our communities’ public safety officials is just the latest plank in the Republican Job-Killing Agenda.

Please see the new video and chart detailing the Republican Job-Killing Agenda.

Title Positive Jobs Impact GOP ‘No’ Votes Date
Preventing Layoffs of Teachers and First Responders (FMAP) 290,000 93% 8/4/2010
Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act 5,600,000 68% 3/17/2010
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 3,000,000 93% 2/13/2009
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 250,000 100% 12/24/2009
Travel Promotion Act 40,000 43% 9/9/2009
Cash for Clunkers 60,000 83% 8/6/2009
Unemployment Insurance Extension 785,000 93% 7/21/2010
Small Business Jobs and Credit Act 500,000 100% 7/29/2010
American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act 1,000,000 98% 6/16/2010