Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On July Jobs Report

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to the July jobs report from the Department of Labor:

“Nevadans do not need a jobs report to understand the difficulties in our economy.  Too many workers in Nevada and across America cannot find work, and our efforts to expedite our economic recovery must continue.  That’s why Democrats have fought to pass an extension of unemployment insurance for the millions of Americans looking for work.  And that’s why we have been focused on passing job-creating and job-saving measures to cut taxes for small businesses, save the jobs of 140,000 teachers and help states continue to provide critical local services.
“More work lies ahead of us to repair our economy, and we cannot rest until every worker who wants a job can find one.  But Republicans must stop putting special interests before working Americans and work with us to pass bipartisan measures that will energize small businesses and the middle class, the engine of America’s economy.  Small businesses are responsible for creating almost two-thirds of the jobs in our country, and I hope that every senator will return to Washington in September ready to pass critical support to boost our nation’s small businesses.
“These are tough times for our economy, but one thing is clear: the path to recovery leads forward, not back to the failed policies of the past. The worst thing we can do right now is go back to policies that put special interests ahead of the middle class, like more tax cuts for CEOs who ship American jobs overseas.  Democrats will fight to ensure that we continue to drive America forward toward a more stable and successful future.”