Senate Democrats

Reid: Labor Day Reinforces Why Working Americans Will Be The Centerpiece Of Our Economic Recovery

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in recognition of Labor Day:

“America is a global leader today because our strong, vibrant middle class is the cornerstone of our economy.  As we celebrate Labor Day, we pay tribute to the perseverance of the working men and women in Nevada and across America who have built this nation.  As we work to bounce back from our economic challenges, we know our full economic recovery will not be complete until everyone who wants a job can find one.

“Democrats understand that we must stand up for our nation’s workforce.  That is why we have fought to create and save millions of middle-class jobs, and to provide unemployment benefits for millions of Americans still looking for work.  We have also given much-needed tax cuts to 95 percent of America’s working families while fighting to end tax breaks that reward CEOs who ship American jobs overseas.

“When we return to the Senate this fall, Democrats’ first order of business will be to pass bipartisan legislation that helps small businesses create more jobs.  And we will put even more money back into workers’ pockets by extending middle-class tax cuts.  So far, nearly every Senate Republican has blocked these common-sense solutions, instead betting against American workers and against our economic recovery.

“I hope Republicans will stop pushing their job-killing agenda, which is harming our nation’s recovery, and instead start honoring our nation’s workforce by supporting our job-creation efforts.  Democrats will continue to show our gratitude to workers in Nevada and across America by giving them the stability, security and support they deserve.”