Senate Democrats

Reed, Merkley Join Small Business Owner To Discuss Democrats’ Efforts To Fight For Small Businesses

Washington, DC— Senators Jack Reed and Jeff Merkley joined Oregon small business owner Jose Gonzalez on a conference call today to underscore how Democrats are fighting to support America’s small businesses and help them create jobs.  Senate Democrats are trying to pass legislation that would provide additional lines of credit for small businesses and accelerate $55 billion in tax cuts to small businesses so they can create jobs.   While Democrats are fighting to give this support to small businesses, almost all Senate Republicans have opposed this assistance that would put middle-class Americans back to work.  When Congress returns next week, Democrats’ top priority will be to pass this critical assistance for America’s small businesses.  
“Small businesses deserve help, and Democrats are trying to help them thrive by making sure they can get loans and cutting their taxes for new employees and investments that will allow them to grow their businesses,” said Senator Reed.  “Every time we propose a pro-small business bill, the Republicans throw up procedural roadblocks to thwart getting the economy back on track.  That kind of opposition is unfortunate for small businesses who need this kind of common-sense policy.”
“Many of America’s small businesses are ready and willing to create jobs, but they lack access to the capital they need to expand,” said Senator Merkley.  “The Small Business Jobs Act will help small business owners get the credit they need to grow as well as timely and targeted tax relief.  If job creation is a priority – and I believe every senator agrees that it is – the Senate needs to pass this bill next Tuesday.”
“I know a lot of local business owners through my own business and through my associations,” said Jose Gonzalez, owner of Tu Casa Real Estate in Salem, Oregon.  “Of the businesses I know that remain standing, I would say more than half want to expand on an idea or a niche they found in the last year or two. It’s having access to capital and financing that will help them grow. The opportunity is there right now, they just can’t take advantage of it because they’re struggling to get a loan. I hope this proposal to expand lending to small businesses through community banks will win broad support on all sides of the aisle.”