Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Willing To Raise Middle-Class Taxes To Protect Millionaires And CEOs Who Ship Jobs Overseas

Washington, DC –Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to Republican threats to block tax cuts for middle-class Americans:
“It is unconscionable for Senate Republicans to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage in order to secure more tax giveaways for millionaires and CEOs who ship American jobs overseas.  Today’s declaration by Senate Republicans means they are willing to raise taxes on the middle class and small businesses in the middle of a recession.
“Regardless of what any individual Senator may think about tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, I had hoped we could all agree that middle-class families deserve to have their taxes cut. But by this Republican logic, until rich CEOs get what they want, middle-class families can’t get what they need.
“This is not only wholly unfair to hard working families in Nevada and across the country, but it is bad economic policy that will hurt our nation and its recovery.”