Senate Democrats

Reid Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated September 15-October 15. Hispanic Heritage Month honors U.S. Hispanic contributions and recognizes Latin American countries’ independence from Spain. This year, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico celebrate their bicentennial independences: 
“This month I join the 47 million Latinos in Nevada and across the country in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. For centuries, the Hispanic community has contributed to the progress of our country’s greatness. We see this progress on the battlefields as well as in our classrooms. We see this progress in scientific labs as well as in our federal courts. We see this progress in the sports arena as well as in the arts. We see this progress in the crop fields as well as in our small businesses. My state has noticeable Hispanic influence, which is evident in its name, Nevada, as well as in its most famous city, Las Vegas.
“But I would like to take this opportunity to do more than just salute Hispanic contributions. During this month, it’s also important to highlight the legislative work which has positively impacted this community. We have made progress on issues that are important to Latinos, but there is more to do.  We must continue our work to create jobs through a small business bill, which will benefit 7,000 Hispanic small businesses in Nevada; the implementation of the health care law; civil rights protections; action on immigration reform; and education.
“I congratulate all the Latinos in Nevada and across the country, especially those celebrating bicentennial festivities. And, I reaffirm my commitment to continue addressing and working on solutions to the issues of most importance to Hispanics.”