Senate Democrats

Reid: Nevada Small Businesses Get Much-Needed Support To Create Jobs And Drive Our Recovery

Washington, DC –Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today following Senate passage of the small business jobs legislation that will create jobs and extend much-needed support to America’s small businesses:
“Small businesses in Nevada and across America are the engines of our economy.  They will create the jobs we need if we make sure they have tax relief and access to credit.  Today, we passed a bipartisan bill that will benefit small businesses by providing them with $15 billion in tax relief and greater access to capital.  This timely support for small businesses, which is fully paid-for and won’t add one dime to the deficit, should create hundreds of thousands of jobs.
“This critical bill would not have been possible without the tenacious work and unceasing commitment shown by Chairmen Landrieu and Baucus and members of the Senate Finance and Small Business Committees. While I am grateful that two of my Republican colleagues, Senators Voinovich and Lemieux, supported these common-sense, bipartisan ideas to create jobs, I am deeply disappointed that every other Republican voted to deny this  much needed assistance to small business owners, even as they continue to protect tax breaks for CEOs who ship American jobs overseas.
“This bill is one more step towards getting our economy back on track, but we have many more to go. The next step is passing tax cuts for the middle class. I hope that Republicans will stop holding middle-class tax cuts hostage, and work with Democrats to ensure that middle-class Americans have the tax relief they need to make ends meet.”