Senate Democrats

Reid: Republican Obstruction Of Food Safety Bill Exposing Nevada Families To Unsafe Food Products

Washington, DC –Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today to call on Senator Coburn to stop obstructing food safety legislation:
“In light of recent events like the egg recall in Iowa, it is unconscionable that Senator Coburn and his Republican colleagues are putting politics ahead of a common-sense, bipartisan bill to ensure that the food products our families consume everyday are safe.  I suspect that Senator Coburn’s constituents in Oklahoma would be as outraged as the people I represent in Nevada at the prospect that partisan political maneuvering would cause parents to have to start worrying about the safety of the food they feed their families. There are too many people, like Rylee Gustafson of Henderson and Linda Rivera of Las Vegas, who have been sickened with contaminated food to let this critical issue be hijacked by petty politics.
“My hope is that Senator Coburn will reconsider his obstruction, and work with us to make sure that when it comes to food, parents have the peace of mind that all Americans deserve.”