Senate Democrats

Reid: Support On The Way For Nevada Small Businesses

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after President Obama signed small business jobs legislation into law:
“Help is on the way for small businesses in Nevada and across the nation.  Starting today, $15 billion in tax relief and hundreds of millions in loans will be directed to small businesses, measures that could create up to 500,000 jobs without adding one dime to the deficit.  Small businesses are the engine of our economy and the key to our recovery, and this timely support is one of many steps that Democrats are taking to get our economy back on track and put America back to work.
“I appreciate the support of Senators Voinovich and Lemieux, the only two Republicans with the courage to put partisan politics aside and help small businesses create jobs.  Despite the persistent opposition from Republicans to common-sense measures like these, Democrats will continue to work to turn our economy around until every worker in Nevada and across America who wants a job can find one.”