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Reid: Republicans Continue Job-Killing Agenda By Protecting Tax Breaks That Reward CEOs For Sending American Jobs Overseas

Washington, DC –Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after Republicans blocked passage of legislation that would have ended tax breaks to companies who ship American jobs overseas, and rewarded companies for creating jobs in America:

“The bill we tried to pass today is based on simple common sense: to keep American jobs here in America, we should stop forcing taxpayers in Nevada and across the nation to pay for giveaways that reward companies for sending American jobs overseas.  But Republicans continued their job-killing agenda today by protecting these tax breaks for CEOs who offshore American jobs, and preserving the same failed Republican policies that cost 8 million Americans their jobs.
“Every time Republicans are given a choice between supporting middle-class families in Nevada and across America or protecting CEOs and special interests, they choose to stand with the wealthy and the powerful.  That is their choice.  And while they do not have to answer to me for their choices, they will have to answer to the millions of American workers who lost their jobs because of companies sending jobs overseas.”