Senate Democrats

More GOP Attempts to Repeal Health Care Reform

Today Senate Republicans are taking their first step in an attempt to repeal the new health care reform law. At 12pm ET the Senate will vote to proceed to Senator Mike Enzi’s resolution of disapproval that will repeal the “grandfather” regulation, which defines which insurance plans and businesses have to comply with certain consumer protection provisions of the Affordable Care Act. If passed, businesses and Americans could be in the worst of all worlds: losing the clear rules that allow them to keep the plans they have while not gaining the additional consumer protections that apply when their plan changes. “This resolution is a political stunt,” said Senator Max Baucus. “This resolution is an attempt by the other side to dismantle the health care law piece by piece.”

The “grandfather” regulation, which was released by the Administration on June 17th, is based on the health care reform law’s requirement that individuals and businesses be allowed to keep their current health insurance plans if they like it. This regulation keeps the market stable while protecting consumers from insurance industry abuses between now and 2014, when insurance market reforms are in place and all Americans. At that time, Americans and small businesses will have access to more affordable choices through private insurance exchanges — the same choices as Members of Congress.

This effort led by Senator Enzi is one more sign that Republicans are determined to take us back to the days when insurance companies were in charge and consumers suffered.