Senate Democrats

Senate Republicans: On the Side of CEOs Who Offshore American Jobs, Not Middle-Class Americans

At a time when millions of Americans are still looking for work, Democrats believe we should be doing everything we can to create jobs here in America.  In contrast, Senate Republicans continue to demonstrate that they are a party more interested in protecting CEOs who ship American jobs overseas than creating jobs here in America.  Throughout the 111th Congress, Democrats have fought to create and save millions of American jobs, while Republicans continue pushing a job-killing agenda that includes opposition to tax cuts for small businesses, opposition to clean energy jobs, and opposition to closing tax loopholes exploited by multinational corporations. 

Their opposition to the Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act (S.3816) is the latest example of their pattern of trying to kill every job-creating piece of legislation that has come before Congress in the past two years.  This fact sheet provides additional examples of the pro-jobs proposals that Republicans have tried to block in the 111th Congress. 

·         Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act(S.3816).  Senate Republicans blocked this legislation to curtail the tax incentives corporations receive to send our jobs overseas, and instead give them powerful new incentives to keep American jobs in America.  [Los Angeles Times, 9/28/10]

·         Small Business Jobs and Credit Act (H.R. 5297, signed into law on Sept. 27, 2010,Roll Call Votes 202, 218, 221, 237).   Senate Republicans opposed this bill to provide small business tax cuts and create a small business lending facility, which could create half a million jobs over the next two years.  [Independent Community Bankers of America, 7/21/10] 

·          American Recovery and Reinvestment Act(P.L. 111-5, Roll Call Votes 61 and 64).  Senate Republicans opposed this jobs legislation that is already responsible for saving and creating approximately 3 million jobs.  Without it, the nation would have entered into a second Great Depression. [CEA, 7/14/10; Report]

·          HIRE Act (P.L. 111-147, Roll Call Votes 25 and 55).  Senate Republicans opposed creating this new payroll tax incentive for businesses that hire out-of-work Americans.  An estimated 5.6 million new workers have been hired since enactment, making their employers eligible for the new tax incentive. [Dept. of Treasury, 8/2/10

·         American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 (H.R. 4213, Roll Call Votes 47, 48, 190, 194, 200, 204, 209, 215).  Senate Republicans have been blocking this legislation to create and save jobs, as well as end tax loophole giveaways to multinational corporations that encourage American jobs to be moved offshore.  [Economic Policy Institute, 5/25/10 and July 2010] 

·         Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148, Roll Call Votes 353, 395, 396).  In addition to reforming our broken health care system, this historic legislation could allow employers to create 250,000 to 400,000 new jobs a year, or 2.5 million to 4 million jobs over the next decade. [Center for American Progress, January 2010]   Senate Republicans opposed this measure throughout the legislative process.

·         Cash for Clunkers (H.R.3435, Roll Call Vote 270).  Senate Republicans opposed allocating more money to this program, which has created and saved an estimated 60,000 jobs. [National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, December 2009]  Across the entire automotive supply chain, Cash for Clunkers was projected to potentially generate or maintain hundreds of thousands of jobs. [Center for American Progress, 3/23/09]