Senate Democrats

Reid: The American People Expect Democrats, Republicans To Work Together To Strengthen Economy

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following remarks on the Senate floor today to begin the lame-duck session of Congress.  Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery:
“I welcome back my friends and welcome our new colleagues, who will be sworn in as United States Senators this afternoon.
“With Senators Manchin and Coons joining our family, the Senate will look a little different starting today.  It will soon look much more different, when 16 new Senators take office.  Some desks will switch aisles, but the majority has not changed.
“On the other side of this building, the House of Representatives will look even more different, with a new majority and new leaders.
“But before any of that happens, we need to use the next few weeks to finish some business.  The 111th Congress is not over yet, and the lame-duck session starts today.
“I will work with my caucus and with Senator McConnell, who will of course work with his caucus.  We will see what we can get done before the start of the 112th Congress in January.
“The American voters sent us a message two Tuesdays ago.  That message is that they want us to deliver.  They want us to work together.
“The voters didn’t elect only Republicans.  They didn’t elect only Democrats.  And they don’t want either party to govern stubbornly, demanding their way or the highway.
“When the heat of the campaign season cools, our constituents are more interested in us getting things done.  They’d rather we work with each other than talk past each other.
“Despite the changes, our charge remains the same.  Our number-one priority is still getting people back to work.  And the most important change we can make is in working more productively as a unified body to help our economy regain its strength.”