Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On New START Treaty

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today calling on Senate Republicans to stop delaying ratification of the new START Treaty:
“It is vitally important to America’s national security for the Senate to ratify the new START treaty before Congress adjourns this year.  We need our inspectors back on the ground and the critical information they can provide about Russia’s nuclear capabilities.  Ratification of this treaty would accomplish both.
“This treaty has strong bipartisan consensus in the Senate.  It has been endorsed by the U.S. military, our diplomatic leadership, and scores of former Republican and Democratic national security officials.  So I am puzzled by Senator Kyl’s announcement that he is not prepared to move forward on the new START treaty.
“The Administration has made it clear it is prepared to work with all Senators to resolve any outstanding concerns, and I appreciate in particular their efforts to reach out to Senator Kyl.   I assure Senator Kyl and others concerned about the fate of this treaty that the Senate will be in session after Thanksgiving and will have time to consider and ratify it. 
“I look forward to working with the Republican leadership to continue the long tradition of the Senate’s strong bipartisan support for offensive arms-control treaties.”