Senate Democrats

Reid: If Republicans Cared About Struggling Americans, They Would Stop Blocking Democrats’ Efforts To Create Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs

Washington, D.C. — Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to a letter from Senate Republicans promising to obstruct important Senate business during the lame-duck session of Congress:
“This letter, unfortunately, is nothing new.  Republicans have simply put in writing the political strategy they have pursued over the last two years: obstruct and delay critical help for struggling Americans, and then blame others for the problems they refuse to solve.  This strategy is very cynical but very obvious and transparent.
“If Republicans really cared about creating jobs, they would drop their opposition to preserving unemployment insurance for millions of Americans still looking for work.  Economists and small business associations know that preserving these unemployment benefits would create or save hundreds of thousands of jobs and immediately pump money into our economy.  But instead of helping the middle class, Republicans are holding hostage critical job-creating and national-security measures to give more tax breaks to the wealthy and CEOs who ship American jobs overseas.
“The recent election gave Republicans more responsibility to participate in solving the problems we face, but so far they have just continued to stand on the sidelines rooting for failure.”