Senate Democrats

Business And Civic Leaders Support Passage Of Middle-Class Tax Cuts Extension

A broad coalition of business, labor, civic, academic and community leaders have voiced their support for Democratic efforts to cut middle class taxes.

Business for Shared Prosperity: “Business owners and executives across the nation are telling Congress and the President to stop the $700 billion tax giveaway to the richest 2 percent over the next decade and instead invest in small business job creation and 21st century infrastructure. Lead signers on a petition organized by Business for Shared Prosperity include the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, whose more than 500,000 members are mostly small business owners, The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, American Sustainable Business Council, American Made Alliance, National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association, Green America, New Voice of Business, Social Venture Network, Responsible Wealth, Sustainable Business Alliance and Atlanta Women in Business.” [Statement, 12/3/10]

AFSCME: “On behalf of 1.6 million members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), I urge you to vote for THE Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010. AFSCME strongly supports this legislation because it would avoid tax increases on working families and middle-class taxpayers, simultaneously ensure that the highest income Americans pay their fair share of taxes and continue critical Federal unemployment benefit programs for the long-term unemployed.” [Letter to Senator Reid, 12/3/10]
United for a Fair Economy: “Extending the Bush tax cuts would give the average millionaire over $100,000 per year. Extending those tax cuts will do nothing to create jobs. Business owners make decisions about hiring based on demand, not based on their tax rate. By contrast, when middle class people get tax cuts, they spend it and that creates jobs. Republicans are blocking tax cuts for the real job creators- 98% of Americans, the vast middle class- in order to extend extra tax giveaways to the rich.” [Statement, 12/3/10]
U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce: “The high-end tax cuts are contributing to America’s financial ruin – not our economic success. They are not good for small business. They are not good for America. They should expire as scheduled on December 31.” [Statement, 11/30/10]
Black Leadership Forum: “The last time I checked giving tax breaks to the wealthiest 2% of Americans; voting against extending unemployment benefits; and repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is not in accordance with Christian belief of “…do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before God”, found in the Book of Micah, Chapter 6, verse 8.” [Blog post, 10/28/10]

Americans for Democratic Action:
“For practical and moral reasons, Americans for Democratic Action urges Congress to allow tax cuts for individuals making over $200,000 a year, and couples with incomes above $250,000, to expire. According to the Congressional Budget Office, tax cuts for high-end individuals and couples (the top 2.1 percent of taxpayers) are one of the least effective ways to create jobs: the wealthy already have ample spending money, so they tend to save any extra dollars they receive. We can ill-afford to add $700 billion to the deficit in a way that does nothing to dig us out of the current recession.” [Statement, 12/4/10]

Center for Community Change: “Millions of Americans are without any income struggling to feed and shelter their families, but Republicans continue to be more concerned about protecting their wealthy friends on Wall Street who finance their campaigns without any concern for how it might increase the deficit. Half of all Americans believe tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent should expire. So do leading economist and now millionaires themselves are speaking out against the Republicans. The Republicans’ are listening to no one but themselves.” [Statement, 12/1/10]

Atlanta Women in Business:
“You’ve heard people argue that we have to extend all the tax cuts because tax cuts at the top go to small businesses and small businesses create jobs. That we need more jobs is indisputable. But it’s a myth that tax cuts on the biggest incomes help small businesses create jobs.” [Statement, 11/30/10]

Coalition on Human Needs: “The Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010 is responsible in not extending tax cuts for people earning over $250,000. We believe that the tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent should expire; the nation cannot afford their trillion dollar cost over ten years (including interest payments). Claims that the wealthiest should continue to receive additional tax cuts to spur economic growth are unfounded; other federal expenditures, including extended Unemployment Insurance and low-income tax credits, provide far more economic growth at less cost.” [Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 12/2/10]

The Leadership Conference: “Instead, the Senate is redefining the phrase ‘penny wise and pound foolish.’ Many of the same lawmakers insisting that the one-year, $54.6 billion cost of the bill be offset are somehow eager to extend tax the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans with no offsets, increasing our deficit by $700 billion over the next 10 years.” [Statement, 11/30/10]

LiUNA: “While workers are losing their paychecks, their homes and their hope, an emergency extension of unemployment benefits is being held hostage in Washington by debate over how long – not whether – to extend tax breaks for the wealthy.” [Statement, 12/3/10 ]

National Women’s Law Center: “At long last, the House voted for a middle class tax relief package, and we must urge the Senate to do the same. The package also allows tax cuts benefiting only the wealthiest 2% of Americans to expire as scheduled, ensuring that help is directed to those who need it most.” [Letter,12/4/10]

SEIU: “Simply because they couldn’t vote for tax giveaways to the rich, nearly every House Republican cynically voted to deny tax cuts to those who actually need them, the middle class. If we are going to get this country on the right track, we need to create good jobs and put more money in people’s pockets. That’s why we support President Obama’s plan to cut taxes for working families.” [Statement, 12/2/10]
US Action: “We won’t let Congress take the lifeline of unemployed workers and their families for a $700 billion tax giveaway to millionaires. The public does not support extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich. It is unacceptable to give away $700 billion to the wealthy while so many are suffering. That money can assist unemployed workers and put America back to work.” [Blog post, 11/12/10]
Wider Opportunities for Women: “Tomorrow, the Senate is to vote on “middle class tax cuts” while letting favorable Bush tax rates expire on income over $200,000 for singles and $250,000 for couples. This will stop a tax increase for everyone on Jan. 1 while saving $700 billion that can reduce the deficit.  Republicans have said they will block any bill unless it provides a tax cut on top of that, in other words a “bonus,” for the wealthiest 2% of taxpayers.” [Statement, 12/4/10]