Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Republicans Undermining Our Security Because They Failed To Read Treaty Available Since May

Washington, DC — Jim Manley, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement on reports that Republicans will force the oral reading of the New START Treaty, which has been publicly available since May:
“Some Republicans have been too busy protecting millionaires and billionaires to protect our security. This treaty has been available to the public since May. Everyone from President George H.W. Bush to Secretary Colin Powell and the Secretaries of State from the last five Republican Presidents have found time to read this treaty in the seven months it’s been available. But because a few Republicans failed to read it, they are forcing us to waste the American people’s time and money.
“Every day we delay is another day it is easier for terrorists to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. But this tiny minority of Republican senators would rather play games than make sure we have American inspectors on the ground monitoring Russia’s nuclear stockpile. It is time for Republicans to put our security before political games.”