Senate Democrats

Republicans Got Caught With Their Hands In The Cookie Jar

Make no mistake about what happened last night: Republicans’ hypocrisy on earmarks caught up with them. Republicans got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, requesting billions of dollarsin earmarks in private, while publically critizing the bill. Once again, Republican leaderschose to play politics instead of doing one of the jobs they were sent to Washington to do: responsibly fund the government.

Click here for a list of the billions of dollars of requested earmarks from Republicans.


  • Senator McConnell: $86.1 Million in Earmarks [McClatchy Newspapers, 12/15/10]
  • Senator Cochran: $522.22 Million in Earmarks [Washington Post, 12/16/10]
  • Senator Thune: $8 Million Earmark to Lewis & Clark Regional Water System [Argus Leader, 11/16/10]
  • Senator Cornyn: $16 Million in Earmarks For Dallas Floodway Extension [Dallas Morning News, 11/26/10]
  • Senator Sessions: Tariff On Bangladeshi Sleeping Bags [Roll Call, 12/16/10]
  • Senator DeMint: $400,000 Earmark For Charleston Harbor Study [Herald Online, 9/11/10]
  • Senator Wicker: $415.4 Million in Earmarks [Washington Post, 12/16/10]