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Reid Spokesman: Senator Coburn Owes 9/11 Heroes An Explanation

Washington, DC—Jon Summers, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement on first responders across the country who are demanding that Senator Coburn explain why he is denying them the care they need. A video of one first responder, T.J Gilmartin, demanding an explanation from Senator Coburn can be viewed here, and a transcript of his remarks is below.

“First responders from Oklahoma and all across the country are calling on Senator Coburn to explain why he is denying them the care they need for the debilitating illnesses they developed saving lives on 9/11. These heroes saved lives and helped America recover from 9/11. Senator Coburn owes them an explanation.”

WATCH first responder T.J. Gilmartin demand an explanation from Senator Coburn for denying 9/11 heroes the care they need.


CHRIS HAYES (Host): T.J., I wish that I could say that I have Senator Coburn watching the program right now. But on the off-chance he is out there, I’m wondering if you have a final message for him. What would you like to say to him as this bill nears possible passage?

T.J. GILMARTIN: Senator Coburn, as it nears the passage, how about the sick responders in Oklahoma? What about them? What are you going to tell them as they get sicker and sicker and start dying and they need help? Are you going to tell them, well, I had to bicker like a 5-year-old in kindergarten, you know. Democrats and Republicans running around like 2-year-old kids. When we were at the World Trade Center and we were digging for survivors who were revering bodies we didn’t ask, oh, that’s a Republican body, don’t touch that one. Or there’s a Democrat survivor. Don’t go near that one. It has nothing to do with parties. It’s about taking care of your own in this country. This is a great country and, you know, we should take care of our own. We would be that much stronger and a better country, you know, if people around the world could see that we take care of our own, you know. They’re going to laugh at us when they turn around and look and they see us — excuse me, but, you know, when they see us that we can’t even take care of our own people, what kind of country is this?