Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats Release Report Showing House Republicans Exploding Deficit By Over $1 Trillion On Day One

Washington, DC—It didn’t take Republicans even a day to throw their campaign promises out the window, passing new budgeting rules that hide the true cost of their extreme agenda and pile more than $1 trillion onto the deficit.

The Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee released a report this morning detailing the cumulative cost that Republicans added to the deficit in their first day on the job. New GOP budget gimmicks exempt from deficit consideration many of their top priorities, like permanent tax breaks for the very wealthy and dismantling the cost savings from the Affordable Care Act. That total cost to taxpayers is over $1 trillion.

Even the conservative National Review said Republicans “shouldn’t pretend that those policy positions don’t have budgetary consequences.”

And the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said it is “the intent of the new Republican majority to pass an array of tax-cut measures that will significantly enlarge deficits.”

“Republicans are showing their willingness to say one thing and do the opposite, setting aside campaign promises in order to push policies that will pile on to the deficit,” said Brian  Fallon, spokesman for the Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. “On their first day on the job, they are already spending a trillion dollars more than they plan to cut.”

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