Senate Democrats

Reid: Economy Can’t Afford Republican Plan To Raise Taxes On Small Business, Increase Seniors’ Drug Costs

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement after House Republicans passed a procedural vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act:

“Today’s vote by House Republicans is partisan grandstanding. Tax cuts for small businesses that provide health care have helped create more than one million private sector jobs since they were signed into law. We put 100,000 people back to work in December, and taking those small business tax cuts away now is the last thing our recovering economy needs. In fact, the Center for American Progress finds the Republicans’ plan would kill 400,000 jobs every year for the next decade. And the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says their plan would be a long-term financial disaster, too, adding more than $1 trillion to the deficit.

“The Republican plan isn’t just bad for the economy, though. It would also put lives at risk by taking away free preventive care for seniors, reopening the Medicare donut hole and once again allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to children with a preexisting condition. American families and our recovering economy can’t afford their dangerous plan.”