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Reid: Report Shows Almost Half Of All Americans Could Be Denied Insurance Under Republican Plan To Repeal Health Care Reform

Washington, DC — Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on today’s release of a Department of Health and Human Services report showing that as many as half of all Americans under age 65 could be denied affordable insurance under a Republican plan to repeal health care reform:
“Almost half of all Americans under 65 have pre-existing conditions insurance companies could use as excuses to deny coverage under Republican’ plan to repeal health care reform. These 129 million Americans wouldn’t be able to move, change jobs, open their own businesses or switch insurance plans without the fear of losing coverage altogether. Their fear is justified. One in five Americans with a preexisting condition is uninsured.
“The health insurance reform we passed protects consumers, plain and simple.  Repealing the entire law would put insurance companies back in charge of patient care, rather than the patients themselves.  Because of this reform, soon insurance companies won’t be able to deny access to affordable, life-saving care to any American with a preexisting condition, whether it’s cancer or asthma. Thanks to health care reform, today they can no longer deny sick children. These consumer protections, along with closing the Medicare donut hole and cutting the deficit are just a few reasons why the majority of Americans rightfully oppose repealing this law.”