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ICYMI: Cantor: Roadmap To Privatizing Social Security Is “Something We Need to Embrace”

Yesterday on “Meet the Press,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told host David Gregory that the “roadmap” to privatizing Social Security devised by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan is “something we need to embrace.”

WATCH the video here.


MR. GREGORY:  How about–and the irony of Paul Ryan being introduced, the budget chairman, and he’s doing the response to the State of the Union, he is the one who’s proposed draconian cuts to Social Security and to Medicare…

REP. CANTOR:  Well, David…

MR. GREGORY:  …and Republicans don’t stand behind him.

REP. CANTOR:  David, that’s not true.  I just told you that we put a chapter in our book about it because the direction in which the Roadmap goes is something we need, we need to embrace.