Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats: House GOP Budget Will Cost 1 Million Jobs

Middle-Class Americans Can’t Afford Republicans’ Plans To Destroy Jobs

Washington, DC—House Republicans’ extreme plans to slash the federal budget will cost 1 million jobs at a time when the economy is finally beginning to turn around, Senate Democrats said at a press conference today.

“Last night the President called for us to out-educate, out-innovate and out-build our competition around the globe. It’s clear today that Republicans didn’t get the message,” Sen. Durbin said. “Their budget plan decimates education funding, slows innovation, and ignores our crumbling infrastructure. All told, the Republican budget plan would destroy 1 million jobs and add another trillion dollars to the deficit. It seems their roadmap leads straight to job loss at a time when America can afford it least.”

The proposed cuts would decimate essential programs, with 42 percent cuts for everything from K-12 education to the FBI to the Center for Disease Control. Republicans’ plan would mean pink slips for 4,000 FBI agents, 3,000 food safety inspectors and 6,000 nuclear safety workers. And it would mean longer waits for veterans at VA hospitals, seniors at the Social Security office and travelers in airport security lines.

“In their first weeks in Congress, Republicans have pushed ideological plans to add $1 trillion to the deficit and embraced ending Social Security and Medicare. Now they’re pushing a fiscal plan that would destroy American jobs at a crucial point in our economic recovery,” Sen. Schumer said. “Not only would these cuts cost a million people their jobs, they would put our national security at risk.”

Democrats released a report today detailing the cuts, which come from almost every sector of the economy – from transportation to law enforcement to health care.

Among the job losses are 161,000 employees of small businesses, who would face layoffs because of a draconian $4 billion in cuts to small businesses lending programs. Less money for border and homeland security means nearly 13,000 fewer law enforcement agents keeping our nation safe. And slashing 70,000 teacher jobs would hamper efforts to adequately train our children to compete in a global economy.

“The Republicans’ plan would lead our country down the path to fewer jobs, fewer services for our veterans and small businesses and fewer opportunities for our students,” said Sen. Murray. “We need to rein in spending, but we need to do it in a way that will keep America competitive in the 21st century economy—and we can’t allow it to happen on the backs of our workers, our families, or our communities.”



During the 2010 elections, we heard a lot from Republicans about jobs. But since taking control of the House, jobs have been the last thing on the Republicans’ to-do list. Now, the Republican Study Committee, whose membership roster includes Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and more than two-thirds of the House Republican caucus, has proposed $2.5 trillion in discretionary spending cuts over ten years. In the Senate, Sen. Jim DeMint and Budget Committee Chairman Jeff Sessions have already praised this draconian plan, which would put more than one million jobs at risk, halt our economic growth and hurt middle-class families.  


·         Small Business Loans: 161,600 Jobs. Small businesses would receive about $4 billion less in guaranteed loans in 2011 under SBA’s flagship 7(a) loan guarantee program – According to the International Franchise Association, for every incremental $1 billion in lending, franchised businesses can create 40,400 jobs and $4.2 billion in economic output.

·         Law Enforcement: 12,900 Jobs. Approximately 4,000 positions for FBI agents, 800 ATF agents, 1,500 DEA agents, and 900 U.S. marshals would be lost, as would 5,700 correctional officers in federal prisons.

·         Teaching: 70,000 Jobs. American schools – and their students – would have 70,000 fewer teachers and school aides.

·         Transportation: 75,000 Jobs. Approximately 75,000 transportation infrastructure jobs would be at risk due to drastic cuts to highway programs.

·         Food Safety: 3,000 Jobs. The Agriculture Department would have to cut about 3,000 food safety inspectors.

·         Manufacturing Partnership: 50,000 Jobs. The RSC plan eliminates funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program which helps create or retain over 50,000 manufacturing jobs every year.

·         Amtrak: 160,000 Jobs. There would be no federal support for Amtrak, even as Amtrak announced a long-term plan last year that would provide over 160,000 jobs.

·         Intercity and High-Speed Rail: 100,000 Jobs. The RSC plan eliminates $2.5 billion for intercity and high-speed rail, which represents nearly 100,000 jobs.

·         Health Care: 400,000 Jobs. There would be no funding to carry out the Affordable Care Act, putting up to 400,000 jobs at risk and raising health care and prescription drug costs for American families and seniors.

·         Weatherization: 27,500 Jobs. The Department of Energy’s weatherization program would be eliminated, representing more than 27,500 jobs every year.

·         USAID: 9,000 Jobs. All federal funding for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which employs nearly 9,000 people and advances our national security interests throughout the world, would be eliminated.

·         Bureau of Indian Affairs: 600 Jobs. The Bureau of Indian Affairs would have to cut more than 600 law enforcement officers on the beat in Indian reservations, where the crime rates are many times greater than the national average.

·         TSA: 750 Jobs. The Transportation Security Administration would have to cut approximately 750 security staff. 

·         SEC: 600 Jobs. The SEC would need to cut at least 600 employees, severely inhibiting its ability to implement financial reform legislation enacted in 2010.

·         Nuclear Waste Cleanup: 6,000 Jobs. The Environmental Management program would eliminate more than 6,000 jobs for nuclear waste cleanup including construction jobs for waste treatment plants needed to dispose of high-level, liquid radioactive waste currently stored in underground tanks in Washington and South Carolina.

The Republican Study Committee plan would have a devastating impact on American children, families and seniors.

·         Head Start would be forced to cut about 389,000 children from its rolls

·         K-through-12 classrooms across America would lose $11.25 billion

·         Key education programs would be eliminated entirely, including Race to the Top, vocational training and college scholarship programs

·         $16.1 billion in state aid for Medicaid would be repealed, forcing additional financial pressure at a time when many states are already facing a budget crisis

·         The Community Development Block Grant Program would be eliminated, as would the Essential Air Service, which guarantees access to commuter air in over 100 rural communities