Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Should Stop Trying To Take Benefits Away From Americans, Start Working With Democrats To Create Jobs

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding Republicans’ plan to introduce an amendment repealing health care reform to the FAA Reauthorization bill:

“It’s beyond me why Republicans are obsessed with fighting past battles when Americans say they want Congress focused on creating jobs. Instead they are focused on protecting big insurance companies – and the result of that dangerous plan would be an increased deficit, higher taxes for small businesses and increased prescription drug prices for millions of seniors.

“The people of Nevada and this nation can’t afford Republicans’ plan to roll back protections for sick children, seniors and middle-class families. We need to get down to business and focus on keeping the economy moving in the right direction. The FAA bill does just that by creating and protecting 280,000 jobs. It’s time Republicans started working with us instead of standing in the way of efforts to keep our economy on track.”