Senate Democrats

Reid: Compromise Means Keeping What Works, Changing What Doesn’t And Moving On To Create Jobs Together

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding votes on health care reform amendments to the Aviation Jobs Bill:

“Democrats have said we are willing to compromise on common-sense fixes to health care reform – keeping what works and changing what doesn’t – to make an imperfect law closer to perfect. Today we reached across the aisle for the good of families and businesses in Nevada and across America.

“But Democrats will not compromise if it means undoing the progress we’ve made toward fixing a broken system. We won’t raise taxes on small businesses, hike prescription drug prices for seniors or allow insurance companies to deny sick children the care they need. And we won’t pretend, as Republicans insist on doing, that health care reform hasn’t changed the lives of millions of Americans – small-businesses owners, parents, kids and seniors – for the better.

“It’s time for Republicans to set aside the battles of the past. It’s time to move on from extreme, ideological plans to repeal a health care law that is lowering prices, expanding access to care and lowering our deficit. There is plenty of work left to do together to create jobs, expand our economy and move this country forward.”