Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Would Replace Law Of The Land With A System We Know Is Broken

Washington, D.C.–Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today on Republican efforts to repeal the health care reform law:

“Republicans made ‘repeal and replace’ their mantra in the year since the health reform law went into effect and started saving lives, money and Medicare.  Now, as they’re fighting for repeal but refusing to offer any new ideas, it’s clear what they mean by ‘replace’ – they want to replace the law of the land with a broken system we know doesn’t work.  They want to replace patients’ rights with insurance companies’ power.  They want to replace health with sickness.  They want to replace the promise of tomorrow with the pain of yesterday.

“Republicans have had a year to propose a plan to replace the law they dislike – even though 80 percent of Americans don’t want it repealed in the first place.  They’ve had decades to think of ways to fix a system every President since Harry Truman has talked about reforming.  But their partisan effort to put Americans’ physical health and America’s fiscal health at risk proves once again they are bankrupt of ideas.

“The time for fighting old battles is behind us. Republicans should work with us to create the jobs of the future and move our country forward.”