Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Block Job Training For American Workers While Defending Government Giveaways For Oil Companies

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement in response to Senate Republicans blocking a reauthorization of the Trade Adjustment Assistance today:

“Democrats want to make government more efficient by cutting waste and excess, but Republicans are trying to cut programs that help our economy grow. Today, they blocked a bill that would help keep our workforce competitive by re-training workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas, even as they protect tax breaks for companies that ship those jobs overseas. Just yesterday, the President’s Trade Representative announced the most ambitious trade agenda for 2011 that we have seen in years. Now is not the time to roll back programs to help U.S. workers hurt by trade and outsourcing.

“We need to reduce spending by cutting waste and excess, not programs that keep our workforce competitive. It’s time Republicans joined us in finding common-sense measures that protect middle-class families in Nevada and across the country instead of protecting corporations that are raking in billions in profits.”