Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats React To Republican Budget Proposals And Infighting

Warned Republicans Not To Hurt Our Economy With Extreme, Ideological Proposals

Washington, D.C. – Senators Harry Reid and Charles Schumer called on Republicans to join them in reducing spending by cutting waste and excess, not initiatives that keep our economy growing, and urged House Republicans not to let their infighting cause a government shutdown.

“One thing is abundantly clear: We have to start living within our means so we can invest in our future.  And we’re eager to work with Republicans to cut spending and reduce our debt in a responsible way,” Sen. Reid said. “The House Republicans’ proposal isn’t responsible.  Instead of focusing on waste, they want to cut funding for initiatives that help us grow our economy and make our country more competitive.”

Republicans’ proposal to cut $100 billion from this year’s budget would mean less funding for the FBI at a time when we should be making our country safer, less money for training programs to help train Americans who have lost their jobs because of Republican policies that reward companies that ship jobs overseas and less college financial aid to keep our workforce competitive.

Democrats, on the other hand, want to cut the federal budget by cutting waste and excess while protecting programs that help us grow. For instance, Reid and Schumer urged Republicans to support eliminating wasteful subsidies to big oil companies that are raking in billions in profits.

“The question is not whether to make cuts, but what should be cut. We need to invest in the programs that help us grow, and cut what doesn’t. Right now, different factions of the House Republicans keep trying to outbid each other on spending cuts. They are blindly swinging a meat axe to the budget when they should be using a scalpel. Some of these House Republicans won’t be satisfied with anything less than a shutdown of the government,” Sen. Schumer said.

Republicans have refused to take a government shutdown off the table, and the senators said the rampant infighting over their extreme budget proposals could actually force a shutdown if the gridlock we have seen this week continues.

To rein in spending and bring down the deficit, Democrats believe we need to drop the extreme rhetoric and pursue a responsible approach that cuts waste while keeping our economy growing and creating jobs.