Senate Democrats

Reid: Republican Priorities Out Of Sync With Middle-Class Families

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to House Republicans’ budget proposal:

“This proposal is a clear demonstration of how Republicans’ priorities are out of sync with middle-class families in Nevada and across the country. Their policies would harm initiatives that keep us safe and grow our economy, and mean less financial aid for college students and fewer loans for small businesses. This includes eliminating the COPS program, which has put nearly 500 police officers and sheriffs deputies on the streets of Nevada. Yet they refuse to cut handouts to their friends at big oil companies, tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas or even a flying ray gun that will never work and that the Pentagon doesn’t want. And even worse, they’re willing to shut down the government, putting seniors and soldiers at risk, in order to get their extreme demands.

“Although Democrats have repeatedly urged them to join us in responsibly cutting waste and excess, Republicans have taken a meat ax to the initiatives that invest in our economy and create jobs for the sake of appeasing their base. It’s time for them to stop bowing to the extremists in their party and start working with Democrats to find common-sense solutions to cut government spending and create jobs instead of rolling back the investments that are moving this country forward.”