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Two Questions for Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Re: Two Questions For Majority Leader Eric Cantor

In advance of his briefing today, here are two questions for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

·         Why didn’t you speak out against President Bush as he turned a record surplus into a record deficit during his first term? In his first term, President Bush increased the deficit by $446 billion. In President Obama’s first term, he is reducing a deficit by $632 billion, or about half. [Source: CBO]

·         Why are Republicans insisting on cutting programs that keep our streets safe and educate our workforce – like zeroing out the COPS program and cutting financial aid that puts college within reach for millions of high school students – while defending billions in subsidies to big oil companies, insurance companies and billionaires? We could save tens of billions over 10 years by ending wasteful government giveaways to big oil companies, which even the former CEO of Shell Oil called “not necessary” at a time when big oil companies are taking in record profits.  Republicans are also insisting on restoring billions in wasteful subsidies to insurance companies that were eliminated as part of health care reform, and are pushing to make the Bush tax breaks for multi-millionaires and billionaires permanent.