Senate Democrats

Reid: Aviation Jobs Bill Is A Down Payment On Democrats’ Jobs Agenda

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on today’s passage of the Aviation Jobs Bill:

“The Aviation Jobs Bill is a good example of what we can accomplish when Democrats and Republicans work together. This bipartisan bill, which will create or save 280,000 jobs, is a downpayment on the jobs agenda Senate Democrats announced earlier this week. In addition to putting more people to work, this bill reduces costly and frustrating airline delays, protects the rights of passengers and modernizes an air travel system that relies on World War II technology. It is fully paid for and won’t increase the deficit a penny over its lifetime.

“Democrats are focused on passing the kind of common-sense legislation that gets our economy back on track and puts Americans back to work. House Republicans, on the other hand, have focused on everything but jobs. Now they’re saying they’re willing to put Social Security checks for seniors, paychecks for our troops and funding for border security at risk by shutting down the government if their extreme demands aren’t met. This country simply cannot afford these kinds of ideological, political games any longer. Families in Nevada and across America are still hurting, and they want Democrats and Republicans to work together to create jobs and strengthen our economy.”

To watch a video explaining how the Aviation Jobs Bill will create jobs, protect consumers and improve the flow of commerce, click here: