Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Aim For Government Shutdown Without Negotiation, Despite $41 Billion In Cuts Democrats Have Already Brought To The Table

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to the continuing resolution passed by House Republicans:

“Now that House Republicans have gotten this vote out of their system, I hope they will drop the threats of shutting down the government and work with the Senate on responsible cuts that allow our nation’s economic recovery to continue. By bringing $41 billion in cuts to the table, nearly half of the House Republican proposal, Democrats are demonstrating a good faith effort to reduce the deficit and prevent a government shut down.  It’s time for Republicans to do the same.

“Democrats believe we should make smart cuts – cuts that  target waste and excess, not slash the programs that keep us safe and keep our economy growing. By eliminating 65,000 educators and 800 border security agents, the Republican budget does not fit the bill.

“Struggling families in Nevada and across the country cannot afford the consequences of a shutdown, which could mean no Social Security checks for seniors, fewer agents on the border and no paychecks for our troops. I hope cooler heads will prevail, and Republicans will come to the table to work with Democrats on a responsible path forward that cuts spending without sacrificing more than a million jobs.”