Senate Democrats

Durbin: New House Republican Proposal More Of The Same

Plan Ignores Recovery, Makes Irresponsible Cuts to Vital Programs

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)–Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin of Illinois released the following statement regarding the House Republican bill to cut investments by $4 billion over two weeks:

“Less than a week after passing a job-killing continuing resolution, House Republicans are doubling down, proposing a ‘compromise’ spending plan that takes their irresponsible cuts even further.

“Senate Democrats have already agreed to a five-year spending freeze and $41 billion in spending cuts and we’re willing to go further. But that requires the sort of good-faith negotiations House Republicans refuse to engage in.

“We need to invest in things that count: Education and training for our workers; innovation so that we have that kind of spark of creativity that creates new businesses and new jobs; and investment in the infrastructure of America, building things that are going to make us strong for generations to come.

“Less than 90 days into the job, House Republicans seem more interested in shutting down the government than showing the leadership necessary create jobs and help the economy recover.”