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Reid Spokesman: Encouraged To See Republicans Abandoning Calls For Extreme Measures That Would Cut Jobs And Hurt Our Economy — And Moving Toward Democrats’ Calls For Smart Cuts To Government Spending

Washington, D.C. – Jon Summers, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement in response to reports that Republican leaders are considering a two-week Continuing Resolution that closely resembles the kind of responsible cuts Democrats have been calling for:

“When Republican leaders have to hold an entire press conference to try to convince people that they do not want to shut down the government, that’s saying something. We are encouraged to hear that Republicans are abandoning their demands for extreme measures like cuts to border security, cancer research and food safety inspectors and instead moving closer to Democrats’ position that we should cut government spending in a smart, responsible way that targets waste and excess while keeping our economy growing.

“The plan Republicans are floating today sounds like a modified version of what Democrats were talking about.  We’re glad they think it’s a good idea, but we should keep our focus on what we need to do to cut spending and keep our economy growing in the long-term. If we need a little more time to agree on a responsible path forward, we should pass a short-term CR for no longer than the next month. But the ‘my way or the highway’ approach Republicans have been taking in the past only signals a desire for a government shutdown that our country can’t afford. We hope this is a sign that they have abandoned it and will work with Democrats moving forward.”