Senate Democrats

Reid Recognizes Peace Corps — A Highly Cost-Effective Job-Training Program — On Its 50th Anniversary

Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid today made the following statement recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the creation of the Peace Corps, one of the most cost-effective job-training programs in the country:

“Since President Kennedy established the Peace Corps 50 years ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans, including many from Nevada, have been a force for good around the world. They’ve never backed down from the challenges that come with fighting poverty, disease and injustice, and they’ve learned irreplaceable skills that strengthen our economy when they return home.  I’m especially proud that the University of Nevada-Reno is among the schools producing the most volunteers in the past two years.

“Former Peace Corps volunteers have started successful businesses, organized non-profit organizations and continued serving the public as government officials. Some of them have helped solve the greatest challenges facing our country over the last 50 years.

“However, I’m deeply discouraged that Republicans have proposed slashing significant funding for a program that trains workers for a 21st century global economy, builds good will around the world and promotes public service. Instead of reducing the effectiveness of a highly cost-effective program, we should cut government spending in a smart, responsible way that targets waste and excess while keeping our economy growing.”